Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fires Me Up

Often times to many we look at our current situations and wish that we could be in a better position or situation so to speak. We ponder about what life would be like if we had more money, a bigger or better vehicle, the mansion and the ideal life when in reality, our situation is actually considered a lavish lifestyle to many people in poverty-stricken areas. there is a cliche' that says, "ignorance is bliss" and to us "spoiled Americans" sometimes it's not far-fetched to believe.

I am so passionate and fired up about the issue of poverty in this country that I live in as well as around the world. The statistics are so high to conceive the notion that this is the way of the world in these modern time where technology and intellect is highly developed. the fact that millions of people catch diseases and illnesses due to unclean drinking water is preposterous to me. The planet is made up of 75% of this natural element and we as human beings cannot team up to make sure that this basic right is provided to men, women, and children. I'm heartbroken when I research the effect that this non-priority issue has in governments around the world.

I feel like poverty is a massive problem because people in power can control and have means of power when people are dependent upon them. Also,the media and the masses have not taken a strong enough stance to apply the pressure needed to bring these issues more to the forefront of society. We as an entire world need to become more pro-active in this matter.

A Moment Of Change

As young children, often times we are not able to comprehend fully the elements in our environment and lives that indirectly affects us. This is why it is crucial to have critical thinkers and people around the youth today and in future generations to plant seeds of positive energy and the mindset to help people that are less fortunate than yourself.
I can vividly remember a time in my childhood when I was ten and eleven years of age and my father would take me to a homeless shelter to feed the homeless. At first, I really didn't understand who these people were, but after my first day of helping in the kitchen, I had so many questions for my dad. He informed me that these people lived in the streets and we talked about different scenarios that may have led them to this place. He always taught me that these people matter in a community and to not look down on them because no one could predict the future or judge anyone. He proclaimed, anyone could be in a predicament like this. I always enjoyed going to the soup kitchen to help because it made me feel like I was helping their day be a little easier and it felt good. These years definitely changed my life.